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Bewitching Travel Altar - Take Your Craft on the Go

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Any witch knows that Magick comes from need, not necessarily fancy tools and perfect spell ingredients. But any witch also knows how important our collections become in the practice of witchcraft.

Taking a trip, large or small, means considering what you’ll take along: it’s never guaranteed you won’t need your Tarot deck or your cleansing tools to refresh and reset a space… but we shouldn’t have to pack up everything we own just to be prepared outside of the house!

Thats where this wooden hinged coffin-shaped travel box comes in handy. Sturdy and sized right to pack in your luggage, stash in your glove compartment, or keep in your office desk, this is the altar you can take anywhere 🖤


Muslin charm bag, smoky Quartz crystal, tealight candle adorned with rose petals for love or abundance, small jar of black matches, mini jar of cleansing oil (skin-safe) blended from white sage and lavender, jarred healing herbs (lemon, ginger, white pine, plus Quartz + malachite), palo santo and chalk for circle or sigil work.