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Bouquet Dill Seeds

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Combine your love of tarot with your green thumb (or otherwise!) and cultivate a bed or planter of Bouquet Dill. Completely edible, they make a fantastic choice to plant with children as they are safe and easy to grow. They reach heights of 24" and complement a border of your garden nicely. Whether for use to harvest and use to create your own dill for culinary purposes (think salads, pickling, sauces, and more) or for their intriguing beauty, Bouquet Dill makes a great addition to any garden space.

The artwork featured on each seed pack is inspired by the original Rider-Waite Tarot deck  and is made of heavyweight cardstock. Once you plant your seeds, you have a beautiful keepsake to display.

Makes a gorgeous gift or party favor ❤️‍🔥