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Corpse Queen Candle *Featured on Buzzfeed

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“The dead do not always keep their secrets.
Sometimes the living must do it for them."
- Heather M. Herrman, Corpse Queen


The novel Corpse Queen follows Molly Green down a rabbit hole into a dark and twisted life she never imagined having. Presented with few options as an young, unmarried, and orphaned woman in 1850s Philadelphia, she made the most logical decision and turned to grave robbery. Corpse Queen is both horrifying and intriguing, as you would imagine digging up dead bodies would be.

While body snatching may be ghastly, this fragrance is actually rather delightful. The scent profile begins with a base of sawdust, the woody aroma of an old cedar coffin. Blended with the cedar is a nostalgic note of peppermint that evokes imagery of herbal candy sold in a fancy jar at an old apothecary shop. A twist of lemon peel beautifully tops off the fragrance and ties everything together. This exhilarating scent is full of 19th century nostalgia that bursts with dark humor.

9 oz, hexagonal glass jar. Soy.