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Crystal Merkabah Pendulums

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Pendulum dowsing is one of the most commonly practiced forms of divination. Acting as a receiver/transmitter, a pendulum allows you to connect with your intuition while you seek answers and clarity in your spiritual practice.

Natural crystals act as amplifiers to boost, align and direct energy, thus making them wonderful for pendulum work.

In addition to the standard, our handmade pendulums are adorned with a crystal merkabah: the sacred geometric shape hailed for its ability to perfectly balance energies and connect our physical realm to the higher levels of spirit and consciousness.

Enhance your pendulum practice even further by choosing a crystal that supports your work:

Clear Quartz- this stone is hailed for being multipurpose, yet namely providing clarity and focus when surrounded by energetic clutter.

Lapis Lazuli- this dark blue, streaked stone is associated with the third eye chakra. It has the ability to boost our intuitive connection during divinatory practices.

Amethyst- long connected with spirituality, the amethyst is associated with both the crown chakra and third eye chakra. It enhances our spiritual connection/wisdom while keeping us grounded and continually healing.

Obsidian- protective and grounding, black obsidian is a powerful anchor that keeps you solid while absorbing and dispelling negative or harmful energies. It is known for opening our eyes to inner healing work and is commonly used to clear negative energies in a space.