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Enchanted Rose Candle - Beauty and the Beast

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“His first motion then was to pluck the fatal rose from the pommel and hand it to Beauty, saying : 'Here is what you asked me to bring. You little know what it will cost you all.'"

- Gabrielle-Suzanne de Villeneuve, The Beauty and the Beast


In the original story of The Beauty and the Beast, the enchanted rose is a bit different than in modern retellings in that the rose itself isn’t magical but it sets the stage for the entire story. ‘Beast’ has been cursed to his monstrous form by an enchantress. A man attempts to pick a rose from Beasts’ garden to give to ‘Beauty,’ his youngest daughter. Upon getting caught, Beast offers the punishment options of death or life, only if the man were to give him one of his daughters...

It was because of the theft of the rose that Beauty finds herself living with the Beast. Luckily for Beauty, what began as a nightmare turned into a fairytale love story.

Beauty and the Beast has an obvious undercurrent of darkness; a dichotomy of poverty and wealth, forced marriage, isolation, and untold anguish due to a magical curse.

Enchanted Rose is a sophisticated floral fragrance. Rose by itself provides an elegant floral aroma, but with the edition of orris root (iris root), and its scent similar to violet, the fragrance takes on more depth. The blend is balanced with bergamot and its orangey-citrus top note which tones down the heavy floral base and gives this fragrance a more broad appeal. Enchanted Rose is a complex and slightly sweet rose fragrance that is sure to charm even the most savage beast.

9 oz, hexagonal glass jar. Soy.