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Evil Queen Candle - Snow White

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Fragrance notes: black currant, guava, fig

'Mirror, Mirror on the wall,
Who is the fairest of us all?'
it answered--
'Queen, thou art fairest here, I hold,
But Snow White is fairest a thousandfold.'
- Snow White (originally called Snowdrop)

Everybody likes a story about an evil queen, and there are none as popular as from the German fairytale Snow White by the Brothers Grimm. She is beautiful, powerful, and commanding. She is vain, jealous, and desperately afraid of losing her position. With her magic mirror and dark witchcraft, she is wicked. Oh, so wicked. True to the stereotypical 'evil stepmother' archetype, not even her own stepdaughter is safe from her vanity. The huntsman contracted to kill Snow White took pity on her. The castle chef presented a savory platter of deer organs to the queen as a fraudulent confirmation of death of the girl. What a shock when the mirror revealed that Snow White yet lived and remained the fairest in the land. It is here that the Evil Queen resorts to murder by her own hands- because when you absolutely must kill your stepdaughter the surest way to get it done is to do it yourself.

This fragrance inspired by the Evil Queen is as audacious and alluring as the queen herself. This complex fragrance that is fresh and fruity, yet also shrouded in mystery with a hint of syrupy tartness. A black colored fruit is required for a black-hearted queen. The base of this full-bodied fragrance is a blend of black currant and figs which fuse together into a tart and heady jam-like aroma. Guava adds a musky and sweet addition that cuts right through the tart base to create an aromatic experience that is truly unique. Step into the world of Snow White with this fragrance suited for a fearsome queen.

9 oz, hexagonal glass jar. Soy.