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Mystical Forest: Ghost Realm Candle

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Fragrance notes: cedar, apple, green leaves, and chrysanthemum

Avilésor, the Ghost Realm, is the layer between our world and the afterlife where mortals, spirits, supernatural beings, and creatures we believed to be extinct can coexist. The barrier between our worlds occasionally tears, and we can see glimpses into the Ghost Realm— a mirage on a road, a shadow that seems out of place, a trick of the eyes under a full moon…

[This] fragrance is layered to provide a full-bodied and sophisticated aroma that will take you on a journey. A woody base of cedar will have you walking through sacred forests older than humankind while crisp notes of apple and green leaf in the canopy lighten the earthy undertones. A subtle hint of chrysanthemum adds a faint floral aroma to the breeze stirring between the trees.



9 oz, hexagonal glass jar. Soy.