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Pele, Hawaiian Goddess Candle

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Fragrance notes: pineapple, orchid, fire

Pele (pronounced “peh ley”), the Hawaiian volcano goddess, creates and destroys as she wishes with her lava flow. Her personality is as fiery as her explosive power and many folk tales offer warnings to those who would anger her. Commonly called Madame Pele or Tutu (grandmother) Pele as a sign of respect, she has been known to appear to locals as either a young woman or an elderly woman dressed in red to warn them of an impending eruption. She will appear just long enough to give a warning, leaving the witness with an obligation to spread the word lest they be cursed. Others have seen Pele's form as an elderly beggar woman. Woe to those who deny her food or drink for they may find their homes in the path of destruction.

This compelling and energetic fragrance is dedicated to the fierce volcano goddess and is inspired by the paradise that is Hawaii. The top note is sweet and juicy pineapple which gives this fragrance a tropical vibe. No scent inspired by Hawaii would be complete without a floral element. To honor the many hula ceremonies that include chants and dances in veneration of Pele, the heart of this fragrance features the fresh aroma of delicate and colorful orchids. But this goddess is not delicate like a flower. At the base of this full-bodied fragrance is fire. The smoky aroma of wood burning in a simmering fire represents Pele’s lava flows. This daring fragrance will transport you into the domain of Pele. It is a place of great abundance, but like the goddess herself, there is a simmering fire just beneath the surface waiting to be unleashed.

9 oz, hexagonal glass jar. Soy.