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The Gardener's Moon Calendar

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The gravitational pull of the Moon affects the tides: it also affects the rise and pull of all water and moisture on our Earth.

The science behind planting and harvesting based on the Moon's cycles is nothing new. In fact, it is as old as agricultural societies themselves: Native Americans, Mayans, and more were distinctly aware of the Moon's abilities to affect newly sown seeds, root and stem development, flowers' bloom and the growth of above and below-ground crops.

In fact, the well-know Farmer's Almanac still suggests planting, caring and harvesting by the moon's phases. Many people who follow the lunar rhythms find that their gardening endeavors are far more bountiful and harvest better quality crops.

This spinner is good for any month and any year - you just reset it according to the current moon phase and it guides you through planning your gardening activities throughout the month.

Give it a try! Once you see your own results, you'll be a life-long Moon Gardener.

*Now includes a beautiful sleeve for storing / protecting the longevity of your planting guide!