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Voodoo Candle - Inspired by Baron Samedi

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Fragrance notes: coffee, sugar cane, magic

Offerings are common in Voodoo practice, especially when calling upon favors from loa spirits. Known as the loa of the dead and in charge of leading souls to the underworld, Baron Samedi is perhaps the most famous and recognizable of loas for his widespread representation in art as a man dressed in a top hat, black tailcoat, and white skull face paint that stands out in stark contrast to his dark skin.

This fragrance has an invigorating base of freshly brewed black coffee, which is one of the offerings commonly given to Baron Samedi when asking for healing, as this loa is also a giver of life. It is blended with the aroma of fresh sugar cane which will sweeten the offering and improve the chances of your request being granted. Add a little creole magic to your life with this coffee infused fragrance that will leave you swaying to the seductive rhythm of a Voodoo ritual drum.

9 oz, hexagonal glass jar. Soy.